Mid-Year Recharge

I hope that you are all enjoying a wonderful summer.  It’s hard to believe that we are past the half way mark of 2022.  If you are as healthy and alive and excited as Unity of Livonia is, then you’re feeling great.  We kicked off 2022 celebrating our 60th Anniversary and continuing our affirmation that “we are in the flow of absolute abundance.”  Each month we’ve had a different event honoring our anniversary and again and again, we continue to prosper in many ways and forms.  We are living true to our mission and values, and our blessings abound.

Make sure to check our newsletter for information on the many upcoming 60th anniversary events, and to see how you can join us in this flow of abundance, love, compassion, inclusivity, inspiration, and empowerment. 

When I became the minister at Unity of Livonia in 2020 our building was closed.  Working with the board and staff, we were able to continue to provide Sunday services via Zoom recording for almost a year.  As great as that was, I wanted more.  Our world was in a tizzy and I was looking for ways that I could connect with people more directly and impactfully.  Spirit led me to create an informal meet up group called Morning Reflections.  We met via Zoom and people from 4 different ministries started to join in.  It seemed that we were all craving spiritual and physical connection.  Seeing one another’s smiling faces and sharing openly our truth, we created a sacred space where all felt welcomed to be fully present.  The group was so well received that even after the building reopened and we resumed in-person services, the decision was made to continue meeting on weekday mornings at 10 a.m. via Zoom.  Our meetings last just 30 minutes and are always rich in meaning, support, and love; and they are open to all.

Beginning August 1st, we will be using the Unity booklet “Love, Healing, and Abundance” to guide our conversation. The booklet can be purchased in our bookstore, or you can order a copy or download it from unity.org.  First, I read an excerpt from the booklet, then we reflect on what it means for us, or what we can learn from it.  No booklet or preparation is necessary.  Check us out.You can pop in anytime and know that you will always be welcomed and valued.  Here’s what some attendees have shared:

“Morning Reflections brings me back to my heart.” SW

Morning Reflections reminds me we are all one in Spirit.” PA

“Morning Reflections has been a wonderful way to start my day.  I have made new friends that have inspired and supported me in many ways. The Unity booklets we read together have initiated some very thoughtful conversations and expanded my understanding and acceptance of myself and others.” JC 

"Morning Reflections opens our hearts with Spiritual Love Connections." JK

I hope that you’ll join us someday soon.  You can find the link on our website, under the heading “Our Services.”

If you’re unable to join us in the morning, I give a brief synopsis of the reading and discussion at 5 p.m. on Facebook Live every weekday afternoon.  If you listen in, feel free to leave a comment or question so we can connect.  

Continue to enjoy summer.  Reach out if I can be of service.  Love one another.  Be kind to all.  And, treat yourself to some inspiration, comfort, and support by joining us for Morning Reflections, Live at 5, or Sunday service; or all 3. 

In Peace, Joy, and Love,

Rev. Cindy Yamamoto