Celebrating the "WE" in 2023!


In 2022 our ministry focused on raising our prosperity consciousness and we found ourselves immersed in the flow of Absolute Abundance. As we know that this will continue throughout the coming years, we’ve decided to expand our growth and demonstrate our Oneness with All by focusing on outreach and collaboration. In other words, Unity of Livonia will be going outside of our home base to connect with, grow with and assist other community members. We will celebrate “WE” in ’23.

Our first outreach project will commence on January 15, 2023 and continue throughout the month of January. Recognizing that there are many people hurting and in need of our support, we have decided to begin by asking you to continue in the spirit of giving by gifting “First Step.”

Since 1978, First Step has been working for peaceful families and safe communities in Wayne County, Michigan. First Step is a non-profit agency providing comprehensive services for victims of domestic and sexual violence. In order to continue to provide safety and services, they’ve created their “wish list” for those, like us, who want to share the gifts that we’ve received to ensure that all others are provided for. We do so knowing that as we give so we receive.

You can find their “wish list” on their website at www.firststep-mi.org/donate. And by January 15th, you will find it posted at the church as well. Look for the donation bin in the lobby. You may also choose to make a monetary donation. You can give online or write your check to "Unity of Livonia" specifying "First Step" in the memo line. Cash donations will also be accepted.

Sharing our love and blessings, we affirm that those whose lives we touch, will also come to know our Oneness and see the One Source expressing in their lives in a multitude of ways. We are the reSources.

Thanks in advance for your loving support.

Rev. Cindy and the Board of Trustees